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        This pair of moto campers will inspire you to explore the great outdoors

        We do it 'budget meal' style
        by Agnes Uzochika Aja May 14, 2021
        PHOTO: Lumad Cebuano

        Clyde Urgello and Rose Alquilos, the pair behind the moto vlog Lumad Cebuano, have always been travelers. But moto camping came into the picture only about a year ago, when the pair realized that a motorcycle — in their case, the Honda ADV 150 — can take them deeper into nature.

        Like many first-timers before them, they found help and new friends after joining a riding club, the Honda ADV Club of Cebu. And through the club, they found a smaller group of like-minded nature lovers.“Nagkataon lang na yung iba….nasa mountaineering,” retells Urgello.

        Rose Alquilos of Lumad Cebuano vlog

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        Based on Urgello’s words, moto camping is every bit an adventure. Weather is a big factor in their primarily off-road trips, and rain on the horizon spells a challenge on trails that are already littered with loose rocks and shifting dirt.

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        “Kasama din sa adventure,” Urgello adds unfazed. It’s also why they went with the ADV 150. Mr. Urgello was convinced of its off-road capability, suspension, and ample storage. Its 28-liter under-seat and its 45-liter top box can contain enough cargo for one-week trips.

        When the weather cooperates, the Lumad Cebuano pair escapes into nature with a small group of friends. Security and access to food and water are important things they have to consider, so they’ve developed a few rules for the road: Research the campsite, scout nearby areas for food and water, pack light, and keep the Honda ADV in line of sight.

        moto camping

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        Sometimes, the trip stalls in the planning phase, introducing another rule: know when to postpone. A recent example was when Urgello and Alquilos had planned to tackle the Mindanao Loop next month, but the plan is now on hold due to government restrictions and reported conflicts in Surigao.

        Despite these occasional hiccups, the pair still see moto camping as something they will continue in the future.

        Naa-appreciate mo yung nature....’yun yung luxury for us,” says. Urgello. On their trips, waking up to the sunrise, hearing birds chirp, and immersing themselves in nature with hardly anyone around are unique treats.

        They’ve amassed several favorite memories along the way: Osmeña Peak for its chilly weather, Bacalla Woods (a picturesque campsite in San Fernando, Cebu), and, their best moto camping experience, Manayon Peak in Naga, Cebu. 

        moto camping trail ride

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        Through encouraging suggestions from more seasoned friends, Lumad Cebuano became a motovlogging reality. It’s primarily “remembrance lang para sa travel namin” for Urgello, but we think it’s also useful peek into the moto camping life.

        But don’t let us tell you about it. Check out Lumad Cebuano’s YouTube channel and maybe lend your support with the purchase of a motorcycle jersey and some headwear. Watch their video about moto camping essentials below for a preview.

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        PHOTO: Lumad Cebuano

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