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        4 Simple steps to avoid motion sickness during long rides

        Riders are not immune to discomfort
        by Aris Ilagan Aug 17, 2021
        PHOTO: Marlon Montera

        If youve been traveling either by air, sea, or land for quite some time, we’re pretty sure that youve already experienced some form of motion sickness. Reports say one in three people experience motion sickness during long travels.

        Mind you, motorcycle riders and their passengers are not immune from this horrible feeling, especially on long rides. Motion sickness happens when your brain does not react accordingly to the information sent by the eyes, ears, and body that often results in nausea, cold sweat, stomach ache, or even vomiting.

        Medical experts say riders who experience this kind of discomfort become more irritable and more vulnerable to road rage. If not properly addressed, these symptoms can affect their reflexes and judgment and might lead to accidents. Dont let motion sickness spoil a great weekend ride.

        Anti-motion sickness pills are available over the counter. But what if there’s no drug store within the vicinity and you start to feel this way? To make sure that you reach your destination safely, here’s some advice from the Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC):

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        1) Don’t push yourself to the limit.

        It is highly recommended that riders take a whistle-stop at least every two hours for rest. A 15-minute break from riding can do wonders for the level of alertness once you get back on the road.

        2) Do some stretching.

        Try to walk around and stretch your muscles before hopping on the bike again. Doing so reduces stress and body aches, which will allow you to tackle more kilometers of riding.

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        3) Hydrate and eat.

        Don’t forget to drink water and eat on time. Rehydrate yourself regularly, especially when riding for several hours. It is also advisable to take light meals to avoid upsetting your stomach in the middle of the journey.

        4) Check the motorbike’s condition.

        Anything can happen in the middle of the trip. A nail puncturing a tire or brake fluid leaking can really mess up your day, so you would want to resolve these problems before hitting the road. Worrying can also translate into motion sickness.

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        PHOTO: Marlon Montera

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