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        7 Easy steps to becoming a GrabExpress rider

        Grab riders get a 20% commission for every delivery stint
        by Agnes Uzochika Aja Feb 2, 2021
        PHOTO: Grab

        A few weeks ago, we covered what it takes to become a Foodpanda rider. This time, we’re shifting focus to another giant in the motorcycle delivery market: GrabExpress.

        If you’re looking for another delivery gig, follow the guide below to get started on your application.

        1) Check if you’re fit to ride.

        You don’t have to meet random restrictions to become a Grab rider. The most important requirements are that:

        • You’re at least 18 years old, but no older than 55.
        • You have a professional driver’s license.
        • You have a motorcycle.

        That’s it. No need to meet a specific height, gender, or personality.

        2) Collect other requirements.

        If you’re qualified so far, it’s time to get organized. Before you submit an application, get ready to provide proof of the following items:

        • A 100cc to 155cc motorcycle you can use (model year must be 2013 or later).
        • The motorcycle’s OR/CR.
        • An authorization letter plus a photocopy of the motorcycle owner’s valid ID if it’s borrowed.
        • A notarized deed of sale if the motorbike is secondhand. 
        • A repossession or dealer certificate if the unit was re-acquired.
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        Riding a Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, or Yamaha? No problem, because those motorcycle brands are allowed. Have a bike from a different brand? Check with Grab to make sure they accept applications for that particular manufacturer. The next two steps are optional, but it’s still a good idea to complete them.

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        3) Get an NBI clearance.

        Getting an NBI clearance is common practice for job applications. Having no hits is a direct and official way of letting Grab know that you have a clean background. Even if you do get a red flag, it might be a case of mistaken identity. The National Bureau of Investigation will just take extra time to verify your identity before it releases the clearance.

        4) Submit to a drug test.

        You can get this done at any diagnostics clinic. Taking and passing a drug test will prove to Grab that you can be a reliable and responsible rider.

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        5) Sign up through Grab’s driver portal.

        You’re now ready to dive into the application process. Fill out the fields on the portal page and click on ‘Sign Up’ to get started.

        6) Complete the rider training.

        After signing up, you’ll get a text invite to complete the online rider training. Take your time. You will have to pass this course to continue with your application. Once you pass, follow the rest of the steps provided to finish setting up a Grab account.

        7) Log in to your Grab rider account.

        Grab will take time to process applications. While you wait, you can log in to your Grab account to check on your application status. When you get accepted into the rider program, familiarize yourself with the list of driver centers. These centers will come in handy during your rounds.

        Passing the GrabExpress rider application means getting the chance to earn money, full- or part-time. Here are a few more things you should know:

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        • Grab pays through GCash.
        • It takes one working day to process a cash-out request to GCash.
        • Expect a commission of up to 20% for each delivery booked.
        • There’s no exclusivity. This means Grab riders can also work for other delivery platforms.

        Already a GrabExpress rider? Share your tips in the comments section.

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        PHOTO: Grab

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