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        Should motorcycles be charged lower rates on tollways?

        This has long been an issue for the riding community
        by Aris Ilagan Dec 16, 2020
        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

        With RFIDs still a hot topic these days, there’s another related subject that’s of particular interest to riders: toll fees. 

        Right now, tollway-legal motorcycles (with engine displacements 400cc and above) are charged the same fees as light vehicles that fall under Class 1. The riding community has long appealed for lower rates for big bikes, but those cries seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Now that tollway operators are improving their toll-collection methods, though, perhaps it’s now time for this topic to come to light once again.

        We reached out to our fellow riders to hear their sentiments:

        “A separate toll fee for motorcycles should have been implemented a loooooong time ago. If the basis for toll collection is to recoup any costs in operation and maintenance, then it is based on the wear and tear done by the vehicle on the restricted access highway, hence why trucks are sometimes triple the amount for regular cars when it comes to the toll feeNico Ylanan, South Bikers Community.

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        “Of course, two-wheelers must be the cheapest...What’s the mode of measurement for toll charges? Size? The number of wheels? Carbon footprint?” – Bimbo Isidro, Motorcycle Philippines Forum.

        Puwede rin yan because of different weight (cars and motorbikes). Yung contribution of two wheels to the wear and tear of (road surface) is very minimal.” - former senator JV Ejercito.

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        “We, the responsible motorcyclists, have been advocating for respect and equal treatment on the road just like any other four-wheelers out there. Same with pay parking areas on commercial establishments. Insisting on classifying motorcycles as ‘lesser’ vehicles with lesser toll fees will just reinforce the way motorcyclists are being treated right now on our roads” –  Dr. Errol Lo, Bikers MD.

        “The TRB [Toll Regulatory Board] should present the formula that they use in computing the current toll fees allowed to be collected by the concessionaire,” – Atty. Fred Belandres, Justitia Lex Machina. 

        “Yes, I think it is timely. I also believe that the cost of using the expressway is more of an administrative matter because we have the TRB.” – Atty. ChingJustitia Lex Machina.

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        “Make big bikes toll free” – Dr.  S. Emad Bani, Kawasaki ZX10 Owners Club.

        What’s your take on this issue?

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        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

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