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        10 Tracks to vibe to next time you ride

        Looking to add some variety to your riding playlist?
        by Matthew Galang Mar 31, 2021
        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

        One thing I missed about driving cars when I first started riding was being able to listen to music on long trips without the need for dealing with finnicky earphones. Bluetooth communicators changed the game by combining the comfort and convenience of listening to music from your car’s radio with the joys of riding a motorcycle. Now that these nifty gadgets are affordable and easy to find, your riding soundtrack doesn’t have to be just your engine, the wind, and assorted road noises.

        Looking to spice up your long ride? Here are 10 riding playlist that we think are a good fit for all sorts of rides.

        1) ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd

        A staple of my late night riding playlist, it’s impossible not to have heard of Blinding Lights at this point. An energizing combo of 80’s synth vibes and The Weeknd’s dark and impactful style, this track is perfect for cruising down highways or city streets past midnight while you try your best to hit the high notes inside your helmet.

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        2) ‘These Nights’ by Rich Brian, Chung Ha

        In addition to having K-pop artist Chung Ha on a sick custom cruiser and Indonesian rapper Rich Brian riding on the back in the music video, this track gives off just the right vibes for slow cruising down the highway while you pretend to be a delinquent biker.

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        3) ‘Nights’ by Frank Ocean

        One for all the sad bois out there. ‘Nights’ is a chill driving and riding staple thanks to Frank Ocean’s smooth flow, emotionally charged lines, and the iconic beat switch part way through. Even if you aren’t so into your feelings, listening to this song is still a therapeutic experience.

        4) ‘Sometimes’ by Miami Horror

        Whoever picked out the songs for Grand Theft Auto V’s in-game radio knew what they were doing when they included this electronic track from Miami Horror. A catchy synth-heavy beat and vague lyrics make this track great for living out your cyberpunk biker fantasies.

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        5) ‘Hideaway’ by Kwassa

        Carefree and laidback, this indie/electronic track is good for just riding down the wide open road and taking in the scenery, whether it be mountains, the sea, or rice fields.

        6) ‘Please Don’t Go’ by Mike Posner

        While it’s debatable that a song reaches throwback status once it’s over a decade old, there’s no doubt when it comes to Mike Posner’s talent for pumping out iconic songs to sing along to behind the wheel or on the saddle.

        7) ‘Rollin’’ by Calvin Harris, Future, Khalid

        Summer vibes are one of Calvin Harris’s specialties, and Rollin’ presents those vibes in a highway-cruising format just right for sunny Philippine afternoons. This track is made all the better by Khalid on vocals and somehow makes our country’s sweltering heat more bearable.

        8) ‘Black Magic’ by Band of Skulls

        If patches on your leather vest and a big V-twin between your legs is more your style, this rock track from Band of Skulls might be right up your alley. Suitable for guys in their forties and angsty twenty-somethings alike, ‘Black Magic’ feels just right for a highway cruise with your leather-clad friends.

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        9) ‘Long Beach’ by Kota the Friend

        It’s hard to go wrong with some light rap on a morning ride, and Kota the Friend comes through with ‘Long Beach.’ Given our country’s perpetual summer, bright tracks like this are a welcome addition to a day of sunny riding.

        10) ‘Radar’ by Wethan, Honne

        UK-based electronic duo Honne rarely misses with the tracks they release, and this collab with American DJ Whethan is no exception. Honne’s signature vocals and Whethan’s energetic but light mixing come together for a great track to munch miles to.

        What’s your preferred genre to listen to when you ride? Feel free to share your playlists with us—we’re always happy to discover new riding music.

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        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

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