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        7 Things riders must remember before joining a moto camp

        To prevent first-timers from being traumatized
        by Aris Ilagan Mar 7, 2021
        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

        Although it has not been officially declared by the weather bureau, we are already feeling the onset of the summer season during this time of year. This is when we begin to plan our travels—may it be a beach vacation, road trip, historical tour, or camping.

        What’s more exciting is the fact that we can move a bit more freely nowadays with quarantine policies in many parts of the country easing up. For this reason, car enthusiast-turned-personal coach and off-road motorcycle rider Marc Soong has started accepting visitors to his newly established moto camp situated at a family property in Tanay, Rizal.

        Many still think that off-roading and camping in forest areas are not exactly fun and enjoyable, particularly for first-timers. Soong attempts to refute these notions with these simple tips for vacationers who want to try moto camping.

        1) Go to the gym


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        Camping and off-roading are strenuous activities. A conditioning workout would be a big boost before packing your things for that long ride to the camping site. No one looks good while catching their breath in the middle of a trail.

        2) Travel light

        Newbie travelers tend to bring their entire house when camping. Get out of your comfort zone and bring only the essential items. That way, you won’t be stressed out thinking what items to pack. The less weight on your shoulders, the better you can move around.

        3) Use proper tires

        Moto camping

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        Unless you are willing to get stuck in the mud or loose soil, get your vehicle a good set of all-terrain tires. Having the correct set of rubber lets your vehicle go deeper into the forest, where you get a better view of nature.

        4) Have a buddy

        Avoid traveling alone. If you can’t wait for your guide to show up and bring you to camp, pair up with a travel buddy so you have each other in case you get lost along the way. At least you’ve got company when the cellphone signal isn’t working.

        5) Meet the locals

        We completely understand if you went camping to free yourself from areas filled with people. That’s okay. But meeting locals along the trail and learning their culture is a nice experience. It can also give you an added sense of security, knowing someone out there in the middle of unfamiliar territory.

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        6) Read up on off-roading techniques

        Moto camping

        It would also help if you do some research on how to survive the forest trail before heading to the base camp. Learning the basics of first aid could also boost a first-timer’s confidence. It’s a completely different environment, so you have to be mentally and physically prepared.

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        7) Check the weather

        Almost everything you need can be found on a smartphone, including daily weather updates. We suggest that you try to remove that cloud of doubt on the accuracy of forecasts once in a while, so as not to spoil your much-awaited vacation.

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        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

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