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        Warm up that bike at dawn and head off to these breakfast spots

        Tara, breakfast ride!
        by Raul Maningat Feb 13, 2021
        PHOTO: Echo Antonio

        The first step of achieving a perfect day-trip ride is to have a fantastic opening act, a.k.a. breakfast. En route to destination number one, the route matters, and the scenery and the roads undoubtedly count. But of course, the most important part is the food—does the first meal of the day, the one you’ve traveled so many miles for, live up to the hype?

        To ensure that you kickstart your journey like a champ, we took the trouble of finding the finest breakfast ride destinations in your favorite day-trip spots.

        Disclaimer: To make things easier for all of us, we picked Manila as the starting point of all the entries in this list.


        Tagaytay’s cool weather and natural beauty are more than enough to draw any motorbike enthusiast in for a visit. However, you can make things sweeter by arriving in time for breakfast at these places:

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        Café Voi La, C

        This beautifully designed Asian fusion restaurant offers familiar food with extra oomph, while allowing for your bike to be parked right in front of the entrance, so that’s another plus. Although this resto’s regular breakfast menu is pretty stacked, you could try the Chicken Satay, Thai Pomelo Salad, and Salted Caramel Cheesecake to fully understand why it’s been getting five star-reviews.

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        Buon Giorno, Twin Lakes

        If you want to change things up yet you still want to enjoy Tagaytay’s scenery, go for an Italian breakfast at Buon Giorno. It’s got lovely meals and access to a wonderful view of Taal Lake.

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        We suggest you go for the Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Salmon Risotto, Bruschetta, or the house version of Eggs Benedict.


        Marilaque has become a favorite among motorcycle riders, mostly because it’s long highway featuring twisties and scenic views from Rizal all the way to Infanta. There are many fantastic restaurants along this stretch, and here are our podium finishers:

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        La Franco’s Veranda, Barangay Sampaloc, Tanay Rizal

        La Franco’s Veranda offers Filipino comfort food in large portions and affordable prices. They all taste good on their own but when combined with a heavenly ambiance, the meals instantly taste better tenfold.

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        Man, these are the exact reasons why you’re doing this motorcycle thing.

        Marquez Bulalohan, Bagong Silang, Real Quezon

        If you’re craving for something to slurp on in the morning, then you can go to Real Quezon and eat at this little wooden diner called Marquez Bulalohan. The area boasts a back-road charm and the food—sizzling, savory, and tasty—perfectly suits its backdrop.

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        No gourmet dishes, no fancy plating—because sometimes, well-seasoned chunks of meat are all we need.

        BNK Café and Resto, Tanay Rizal

        If you’re loading up for a long ride, then you better load up on the good stuff. Check out these huge meals at Budbod ni Nanay Kaling Café and Resto. You’ll definitely have enough energy for the rest of the day after finishing a plate at BNK’s.

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        Yes, humongous servings of the best Pinoy comfort food exist to satisfy a true biker’s appetite.


        Rich in natural wonders and stunning structures, Clark, Pampanga has become a regular stop for bikers on a tight schedule. To make every second count, why not go for a late breakfast at this cafe?

        Café Mesa, Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga

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        Go on a food adventure when you head to Café Mesa and let yourself be surprised by its special of the day. Don’t worry, because whatever it may be, your breakfast is bound to be, well... special.

        Oh, and before heading back on your ride, make sure you order Café Mesa’s signature coffee to make the entire experience official.

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        The land of Kapeng barako is a popular weekend destination for its coastal towns and beaches. Before settling down at your chosen campsite, however, you might want to make a detour to Lipa for a power breakfast.

        Café Lucia, Lipa City

        Start your day right by heading to Lipa to eat at this quaint restaurant. Just by looking at the food, you could tell that you’re about to ingest something that’s custom made to make you a happy camper.

        Parking alert!

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        You may have seen similar dishes before, but these definitely hit different.

        Corcolon Lomi House, San Jose

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        Batangas lomi is perhaps the most famous Batangas delicacy right now. It has practically become a tourist attraction and it’s impossible not to give in to the hype. In that case, you should make a detour to San Jose for a bowl of authentic lomi in an eatery called Corcolon Lomi House.

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        A thick flavorful soup filled with chicharon, liver, lechon kawali, and everything else that tastes undisputedly good? It’s practically a feast held in one large bowl. If you’re riding in Batangas, having this for breakfast is certainly a wise decision.

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        PHOTO: Echo Antonio

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