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        Vintage enduro racing is gaining traction in certain parts of the country

        It’s time to don your retro helmets and jerseys
        by Aris Ilagan Jul 2, 2021
        PHOTO: FotoXycle

        Is it true that a lot of enduro riders from Cebu like to ride sideways? Well, just check out the photos here during the Flat Track Sunday event held recently at an open field at Tubigag Manok, Asturias, Cebu. 

        Organized by OZ ex Moto Classic, the event was attended by dirt riders using vintage enduro (vinduro) bikes that became popular way back in the ’70s and ’80s. Their sturdy 125cc stallions include the Yamaha DT,the  Kawasaki KE100, the Honda XLS, and the Suzuki TS. Many of their iconic dual-sport machines have experienced serious beatings from decades of motocross and flat-track racing, trail rides, and even as personal commuters. Still, they’re very much alive and running well.

        Vinduro Flat Track Sunday organized by OZ ex Moto Classic

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        There’s no doubt that these time-honored machines made their mark when steel-made chassis, kick-start systems, and old-school drum brakes still ruled the tracks and trails. At that time, there were no electronic rider aids to speak of.

        Zandro Fajardo, the event’s sponsor and organizer, shared with us his little secret: He is promoting vinduro as more than just racing, but also as a lifestyle event. Currently, vintage enduro racing has a huge following in Indonesia and Malaysia.

        Vintage Enduro Racing

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        Gusto ng mga vinduro rider na makunan sila ng litra habang suot ang classic helmet, old-style riding boots at mga retro jersey shirts para mag-match dun sa lumang motorsiklo na gamit nila,” Fajardo explains. “Noong panahon kasi namin wala pang ganyan o wala kaming pambili ng ganyan.” 

        Now that these riders are successful in their respective fields, now is the time for them to relieve stress by hopping on their bikes. Nothing hardcore here—just a little dirt riding and sliding.

        Vinduro Flat Track Sunday

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        Those who showed up at the Vinduro Flat Track Sunday included prominent names in local motocross and dirt track like Dongkey Sanchez and Rajiv Kelcey Golez, but they were just there for a fun race.

        Lately, Fajardo’s group was spotted at Davsons Motocross Park in Taysan, Batangas. Is this a sign that the vinduro fever is now also spreading to Luzon?

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        PHOTO: FotoXycle

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