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        Is the Yamaha YDX-Moro e-bike your next ride to an off-road adventure?

        The spec sheet would rival that of a motorcycle
        by Aris Ilagan Aug 10, 2020
        PHOTO: Yamaha

        You might be wondering why we hear more and more motorcycle brands expanding their business to the world of pedal-assisted electric bicycles. The answer is simple: E-bikes are the future of mobility. Their benefits to the environment, our health, and even our budgets show why they’re thriving not only in the urban jungle, but on mountain trails as well.

        Let’s welcome the latest addition to the segment: the new Yamaha YDX-Moro. Offered in two exciting variants, YDX-Moro and YDX-Moro Pro, this futuristic trail warrior is Yamaha’s first-ever full-suspension electric mountain bike (e-MTB). It features not only premium components, but also a unique motor system and a new patent-pending dual-twin frame design.

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        The YDX-Moro is equipped with a smooth-operating Shimano SLX 11-speed package matched with a high-performance KMC e11 Turbo chain that’s built to withstand high torque output. The competition-ready YDX-Moro Pro, meanwhile, gets a long cage derailleur and a Shimano XT 11-46T cassette with the pedal and motor power delivered by a much-sturdier KMC e11 Turbo EPT chain.

        To keep you from falling into a deep ravine during tricky downhill sections, these two e-MTBs boast Magura MT Thirty hydraulic disc brakes clamping on 203mm Storm CL rotors. Suspension requirements are taken care of by a RockShox Revelation RC fork and Deluxe Select+ rear shock absorber. The Pro model gets the high-end RockShox Yari RC fork, but the same rear suspension.

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        This is where these bikes shine even more: The innovative dual twin-frame design features an opening on the top tube and the down tube to make room for the rear shock. This layout provides enough space for the rider when he stands up on the pedal while maneuvering through tough and technical terrain.  The lower split portion provides space for the removable 500Wh battery and motor to prevent the e-system from being damaged in the event of a crash.

        Let’s talk more about that drive unit. Both YDX-Moro bikes are powered by the Yamaha PW-X2 motor that uses quad-sensor technology to detect pedal speed, pedal torque, and even incline angle to determine the power output needed to assist the rider as conditions get tougher and more challenging. Tipping the scales at 3.1kg, this center-mounted and ultra-silent motor unit generates up to 80Nm of torque with a maximum cadence of 170rpm in EXPW mode to deliver pedal assist up to 32kph. The other four assist modes are Eco, Standard, High, and MTB.

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        How about pricing? Yamaha has set the standard retail price for the YDX-Moro and the YDX-Moro Pro at $4,499 (P220,700) and $5,499 (P269,750), respectively.

        Are there any Pinoy MTB fans out there who want one of these? Raise your hands!

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        PHOTO: Yamaha

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