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        Would you buy this pet-friendly e-bike for P34,000?

        You can now ride with your fur babies
        PHOTO: YIDI E-bikes facebook

        Transporting a pet can sometimes be a hassle when you don’t own a car. Sure, they’re technically allowed on public transportation-but you don’t really want to be carrying around a dog when you’re commuting, do you? You can also book a GrabPet, but these rides are substantially more expensive than regular forms of ride-hailing. If you plan on using a bicycle or motorbike, you’ll need a proper carrier to mount, too.

        If, however, you only plan on transporting a pet over shorter distances-like say to the local groomer or vet-there may be a viable alternative to what we’ve mentioned above. This is the Yidi e-bike, and it comes equipped with a compartment that will fit small cats and dogs. In fact, it’s being marketed as a pets-friendly transportation alternative. Look:

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        The Yidi e-bike has a maximum payload capacity of 140kg, comes with front and rear shock absorbers, front disc brakes, and a 400W motor powered by a lithium battery. It weighs 28kg without the battery, runs on 11-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, and is capable of a top speed of 40kph-not bad provided you’re taking side streets.

        How much for all this? The Yidi e-bike carries a P34,000 price tag. So take note, though, that e-bikes aren’t allowed on major thoroughfares, and that less-disciplined cats and dogs might not take too kindly to being stuffed inside a moving two-wheeler.

        To be honest, a car would be ideal for the job. But considering this thing costs a fraction of even the cheapest four-wheeler on the market, we think it’s not bad. The current shortage of public-transportation alternatives only makes e-bikes like this that much more enticing, and you’ll never know when you’ll have to rush your fur buddy to the vet on short notice.

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        So, would you be willing to transport a beloved pet using this? Let us know in the comments.

        NOTE: This article first appeared on Minor edits have been made.

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        PHOTO: YIDI E-bikes facebook

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