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        6 Tips to make the most out of your next breakfast ride

        Are you itching to go for a breakfast run?
        by Matthew Galang Aug 18, 2021
        PHOTO: Marlon Montera

        Whether or not you regularly eat in the morning, it’s hard to deny the appeal of a breakfast ride. Not only do you get to ride your beloved motorcycle before the day’s traffic gets too bad, you also get to share coffee and a meal with your riding friends.

        We’ve got a feeling that droves of riders are going to venture out to far-off places just for breakfast once COVID-19 restrictions ease up. To help you prepare, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you make the most of your next morning run.

        1) Make sure your bike is in good shape.

        While breakfast ride destinations aren’t typically remote (unless your riding group is adventurous), an out-of-town trip can still qualify as a long ride, which means that your motorcycle has to be in top form.

        Avoid the hassle and embarrassment of having to call for rescue when your bike breaks down by making sure its topped up on oil, well-maintained, and its components are in good working order. Even if you’re just headed to Tagaytay for a cup of coffee, mechanical mishaps are still very much possible if your ride isn’t well taken care of.

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        2) Familiarize yourself with the route.

        In the age of widely available communication systems, lots of riders entrust navigation entirely to their smartphones. While doing so is easy and convenient, you still might end up lost when your data signal cuts out.

        Review your ride route before heading out, so you will still have an idea of where to go even if you lose your internet connection. Getting lost can be thrilling sometimes, but if you and your friends want to make it to a specific restaurant before everyone else does, then it isn’t an option.

        3) Decide on a restaurant beforehand.

        A common problem when eating out with other people is not being able to agree on where to dine in. Resolve this issue ahead of time to make planning a route easier, as well as to avoid having to play rock paper scissors on the side of the road to decide which breakfast joint to hit. Due to the ongoing pandemic, it also pays to check online first for open restaurants with al fresco dining options.

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        4) Bring your essentials.

        Even if you know the ride won’t take up a whole day, it’s still best to come prepared for unexpected situations. Keep your gadgets charged, and wallet stocked with enough cash for gas, toll, and food. Bring an extra shirt or a small towel just in case you get sweatier or drenched than anticipated.

        Bringing emergency meds is also a good idea; you never know when and where diarrhea and other conditions may strike. As for your bike, bring a small toolkit that can fit in your bag or under your seat so you’re equipped to deal with minor inconveniences. It also doesn’t hurt to stash some emergency cash in your ride’s compartments.

        5) Let someone know where you’re going.

        Depending on various factors, your next breakfast ride might have to be a stealthy ‘takas’ type of trip. Even if you can’t tell your family or significant other where your ride is exactly, you should at least tell a friend or someone else you trust where you’re going for the day.

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        In the unlikely event that you get stranded somewhere with no phone reception, having someone who knows that you’re out there will save your skin. If the person you inform happens to live in the area, you might also be able to stop by at their place for some after-meal coffee.

        6) Expect to take longer than planned.

        If you and your riding buddies are even moderately close, then chances are you’ll end up getting distracted by banter, interesting conversations, ordering more food, and other things. Depending on who you’re with, you might even end up on a  quick side trip to a cafe that your friend swears is five minutes—but is actually half an hour—away.

        To make the most out of your breakfast run and avoid stress, take your time and relax. Take in the sights and sounds, savor the open road, take your time with the food and coffee, and enjoy the company of your friends.

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        PHOTO: Marlon Montera

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