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        Did you lose your motorcycle’s original LTO documents? Here’s what to do

        Don't panic
        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

        Are the registration papers of your motorcycle updated? In case you haven’t transferred the ownership of your bike, you better do it now because heavy penalties and jail terms await the owners who fail to comply with the stipulations of Republic Act No. 11235, otherwise known as the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act.

        As stated in Section 4 of RA 11235, “any sale or disposition of a motorcycle must be reported to the LTO within three days after the transaction was done by presenting the original copy and furnishing a machine copy of the notarized deed of sale or similar document that will prove that the unit has been sold or purchased. Failure to do this means the owner of the motorbike could face a penalty of P20,000 to P50,000.”

        We’re pretty sure that other than mere procrastination, one of the reasons the new owner ends up not transferring the ownership of the motorcycle in a timely manner is that the original copy of the certificate of registration (CR) is lost.

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        There’s no reason to panic if this is the case. We’ve personally asked the Land Transportation Office (LTO) about the requirements needed to apply for a replacement or duplicate copy of a lost or damaged CR. Check them out below.

        Requirements needed to apply for a replacement copy of a vehicle’s Certificate of Registration

        1. A notarized affidavit stating that the original document has been lost or damaged.
        2. Two valid primary IDs (government-issued) of the registered owner (photocopy with the original signature specimen).
        3. Actual inspection of the motor vehicle and duly accomplished Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (stencil form).
        4. In case the motorbike is company-owned, a certification from the management is also needed.
        5. If the owner is sending a representative to secure the document from the LTO on his behalf, he should prepare a duly-signed authorization letter for this purpose.

        If the new owner proceeds to the LTO branch where the mother file of the CR was first issued, it normally takes a while for them to verify and print a new document. But if the mother file of was issued by an LTO branch located in a remote province and the new owner is applying for a duplicate copy in an LTO branch within Metro Manila, the process will take much longer. Official verification of the original document is needed before the LTO can issue the new CR.

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        There are more than 12 million motorbikes that have yet to update their registration, and that’s a really huge backlog. We suggest that you attend to this right away instead of just waiting for the axe to fall.

        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

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