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        These new CTEK battery chargers will keep your motorbike in shape

        They can revive discharged batteries within 15 minutes
        by Aris Ilagan Oct 5, 2021
        PHOTO: CTEK

        CTEK, a global brand in vehicle battery care and maintenance, has launched two new products that allow faster and convenient charging of motorcycle and car batteries.

        First to be unveiled during a virtual event led by Robert Briggs, CTEK director of sales and marketing for Asia-Pacific, was the CTEK CS Free portable battery charger. Armed with CTEK’s Adaptive Boost tech, the compact gadget can bring back a flat battery to life within 15 minutes without fear of damaging the power storage or the bike’s sensitive electronic systems.

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        The CS Free doesn’t need buttons because the Adaptive Boost automatically provides the necessary power requirement after analyzing the battery’s condition. You don’t have to worry about power surges, which is a common problem with other chargers.

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        The power stored in a fully charged CS Free can last up to a year, perfect for motorists who are fond of long rides. Low on power? It can be topped up using power banks and other mobile devices.

        The CS Free is also capable of supplying all types of 12V batteries with 5A of power. It can function as a maintenance charger that can draw power from different sources—an AC outlet, PD charger, USB-C cable, or even a 60W solar panel using the CTEK’s optional solar panel charge kit.

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        CTEK also launched the CS One, which uses the ATPO adaptive charging to determine and evaluate the size and status of the battery. This tech lets it apply the charging requirement with less or zero human intervention, not to mention adjust the voltage output based on the ambient temperature.

        The CS One also has maintenance features for both lead-acid or lithium batteries. It can inform the user if the battery can no longer hold a charge. The charger is fitted with polarity-free clamps, which automatically reverse the positive and negative poles in case the user accidentally hooks up the connectors to the wrong terminals.

        The CS One boasts of the RECOND (recondition) mode that enables it to revive discharged batteries stored for a long period.

        The CTEK CS Free is now available in the Philippines for P25,000 each, while the CS One has yet to arrive. You can check these products via CTEK’s official social media pages.

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        PHOTO: CTEK

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