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        Dingdong PH partners up with Rotary Club of Makati to enhance its riders’ skills

        Dingdong PH is looking out for its riders
        by Matthew Galang May 5, 2021
        PHOTO: Dingdong PH

        Last Labor Day, Dingdong PH, Rotary Club of Makati (RCM), and the YesPinoy Foundation (YPF) celebrated a milestone together, as the three organizations strengthened their efforts to provide opportunities and assistance to workers displaced by the ongoing pandemic.

        On May 1, 2021, Dingdong Dantes, president and CEO of Dingdong PH and chairman of the YPF, formally signed an agreement with RCM president Peter Manzano to announce their [email protected] program, a collaborative project that aims to enhance Dingdong PH partner riders’ skills through a comprehensive training and development scheme. This program will also make it easier for riders to get a motorcycle loan with minimal interest.

        Dingdong PH partnership with Rotary Club of Makati and the YesPinoy Foundation for the Wheels@55 program
        RCM and YPF have been collaborating with Dingdong PH since 2020 through providing life-enhancing and skill-specific knowledge and skills training to the latter’s riders. The learnings include values formation, customer service, personal financial management, sanitary food handling, responsible driving and road safety, and technological literacy.

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        Also available to the Dingdong PH rider community is the option to register under the Rotary Community Corps, if they so choose.

        This isn’t the first program implemented to help out delivery riders, as Shell Pilipinas and Grab have previously partnered up to provide a host of benefits to Cebu-based riders such as fuel and food discounts, special rider lanes at Shell fuel stations, medical and insurance benefits, and scholarships. Grab riders in Southeast Asia are also entitled to free vaccines as part of a $20 million (P972.5 million) fund aiming to keep its partners at work during the pandemic. 

        With the implementation of programs like Dingdong PH’s and those initiated by other delivery services, aspiring riders can be confident in the fact that not only will they be provided with the proper training, but also with financial assistance. Interested in making money using your motorcycle? Now just might be the best time to sign up. 

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        PHOTO: Dingdong PH

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