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        Will the confiscation of RFID cards with insufficient load start soon?

        Load up or else
        by Aris Ilagan Jul 15, 2021
        PHOTO: Paul del Rosario

        On Thursday, the Skyway O&M Corporation, operator of the Skyway Stage 3, reported that traffic has been easing on the elevated facility after motorists complained about it during the first day of toll fee collection.

        “We apologize for the inconvenience. While this was not totally unexpected on the first day of toll collection, for our part, we know we have to do better. Hopefully, with the measures we have put in place, traffic conditions will continue to improve and normalize,” says San Miguel Corporation (SMC) president Ramon Ang.

        Ang explained that the traffic congestion experienced last Monday at the toll exits of Skyway Stage 3 was triggered by motorists with insufficient load, as well as those who availed of the Autosweep RFID sticker installation and reloading sites at the last minute.

        To solve this problem, the tollways management implemented the following measures:

        • Increased the number of personnel manning traffic in the facility, toll collection, and installation of RFID stickers
        • Put up additional lanes for RFID sticker installation
        • Installed more signs to guide motorists through the safe use of the facility and remind them about the start of toll collection and pending implementation of the ‘no RFID, no entry’ policy
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        The Skyway Stage 3 patrol personnel currently asks motorists without RFID stickers to exit the toll booth and pull over to the side to avoid causing traffic. They are given the option to have the RFID tag installed on their vehicle, reload, or pay in cash. The SMC reiterated earlier that this is only a temporary setup while the stakeholders are still in the period of adjustment.

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        For the past two days, the Autosweep RFID has been sending text messages to its subscribers to make sure that they have enough load when entering Skyway Stage 3 to avoid ‘RFID card confiscation.’

        Skyway Stage 3 toll collection advisory

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        However, it does not say in the message when the confiscation of RFID cards will begin. Also bear in mind that the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) had given two tollway systems the go-ahead to implement a ‘three-strike’ policy for those who use the automated toll collection (ATC) lanes with insufficient or no load.

        What do the Skyway Stage 3 officials have to say about this issue?

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        PHOTO: Paul del Rosario

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