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        A rider group is lobbying for better emergency response for crash victims

        The initiative is led by a group of doctors
        by Aris Ilagan May 4, 2021
        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

        As the big bike community mourns the passing of Willie Deslate following a tragic accident at Silang-Tagaytay Road over the weekend, the question lingers: With the current state of emergency response, what are the chances of a crash victim’s survival?

        The 47-year-old businessman was reportedly rescued by an ambulance and taken to a hospital that was not fully equipped to handle such severe injuries.

        “Willie was transported out of the hospital he was initially admitted in because he needed blood, whole-body CT scan to find out if he has abdominal injuries and consequently surgery. He rode in an ambulance allegedly with no nurse on board,” says Dr. Raymond Figuerres of Bikers MD.

        Upon learning about the incident, Figuerres initiated a discussion with his groupmates on how to save Desleta from a life-or-death situation. 

        “Critical yun injuries niya. Naitawid pang samantala, kasi nalagyan ng chest tube, kaya na decompress yung lungs. Pero apparently, may abdominal injuries din siya. Not diagnosed and treated in time,” he added.

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        In a bid to save the life of a well-liked rider, Figuerres even floated the idea of transferring Desleta to a better-equipped hospital using a helicopter ambulance.

        “Trauma experts within the group were quick to dismiss the helicopter ambulance and instead proposed better-equipped hospitals should be earmarked and chosen as priority referral centers,” Figuerres added.

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        A day after Desleta succumbed to his fatal injuries, Bikers MD president Walter Dimayuga cited the need to enhance the emergency protocols of rescue units, first by determining the location of accredited trauma centers and hospitals for crash victims, particularly those in accident-prone areas.

        “Most trauma cases, survival is dependent on the time of intervention. Hence, time is of the essence,” Dimayuga stressed in a letter circulated to different biker groups.

        This fatal incident involving another rider has taught us many lessons on riding safety and the proper emergency response process. We just hope that something positive comes from these ideas soon.

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        PHOTO: Aris Ilagan

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