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        Review: 2021 Kymco X-Town CT 300i Noodoe

        Ideal for those upgrading to a midsize scooter
        by Agnes Uzochika Aja Dec 28, 2020
        PHOTO: Agnes Uzochika Aja

        Just a month ago, Kymco introduced the X-Town CT 300i Noodoe as a new midsize scooter  for the Philippine market. Touted as an upgrade for the small-displacement scoot, the new X-Town is designed for double duty—to tackle the slog of daily commutes, while also being able to go the distance on long adventures.

        So, how well does the reality live up to the hype?


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        The pearly white X-Town unit we rode looks every bit the city cruiser it claims to be. The headlights are fully LED, with daytime running lights angled to approximate spearheads. Even more interesting about its design is the push and pull of soft curves and sharp angles throughout. Overall, it gives the impression of a scooter that can deliver on performance, and fit right in at a cozy neighborhood restaurant or coffee spot.

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        The saddle

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        While the X-Town takes up a fair amount of space, its narrow seat is surprisingly accommodating for shorter riders. Sitting at a height of 30.7in and contoured in the right places, the seat lets the rider put their foot down in the straightest possible way, making the scooter manageable even for a five-footer like yours truly. The seat cushion also follows the Goldilocks principle to the letter: not too soft or too firm, but just enough to endure three hours of holiday traffic without any back issues.

        Engine performance

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        This cruising-friendly scooter is powered by a single-cylinder, four-stroke, two-valve engine that will make the Land Transportation Office, as well as your twisty right wrist, happy. It’s fuel-injected and modulated by a CVT, promising both fuel economy and effortless power delivery that can go from relaxed to punchy when you want it.

        We were impressed with the engine’s heat management, too. Its temperature stayed more or less the same on long rides. The only concernand it’s minor—is that the inside of the seat compartment can get a bit too warm. Nothing some insulation can’t fix, though.

        Ride and handling

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        With a rated wet weight of 198kg, the X-Town is a hefty upgrade in size and heft for those coming from something like the Kymco Like 150i, which tips the scales at 128kg. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The X-Town’s larger frame and long wheelbase make it a stable ride, and, despite the width, it can still filter through most bottlenecks without getting stuck.

        Along with the engine’s consistent delivery, the throttle and steering’s buttery smooth response also makes the X-Town a pleasure to ride. Speeding up from a stop or when passing is no problem. To complete the performance package, Kymco outfitted the X-Town with full Bosch 9.1 ABS. This, along with the scooter’s wide tires, gives you grip and confidence even on rougher roads.

        On top of all this, you get a flat floorboard that gives you the freedom to place your feet (or more gear) where you want.

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        Extra features

        Kymco didn’t scrimp on tech and connectivity features here. The X-Town not only comes with the renowned Noodoe navigation system, but it also an integrated USB charging port on the handlebar, as well as a 12-volt charging port in the seat compartment.

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        As a matter of fact, the seat compartment’s design is one of the signs that you’ve upgraded to a better machine. It has a nifty mini light and is roomy. You can, at the very least, fit a full-face helmet, rain gear, a tire pump, registration papers, and cleaning towels in there. There’s also a pneumatic stay attached to the seat, so it will stay up no matter which way the wind blows.


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        Whether you’re upgrading from a smaller or similarly sized ride, the Kymco X-Town CT 300i Noodoe is a solid and versatile choice. It’s a smooth ride that marries the power of a 300cc engine with the ease and handling of a smaller bike. Its comfy seat, powerful brakes, and generous accessories also guarantee comfort and convenience on every ride.

        Specs: 2021 Kymco XTown CT 300i Noodoe

        Price: P229,000
        Engine: 276cc OHC
        Transmission: CVT 
        Power: 22.9hp @ 7,500rpm
        Torque: 22.44Nm @ 7,000rpm
        Score: 19/20

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        PHOTO: Agnes Uzochika Aja

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