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        Review: Lev3 Psy

        Do you dig the style?
        by Matthew Galang Oct 12, 2021
        PHOTO: Miguel Jacobo

        In a market filled with affordable helmets, how can a budget-friendly lid stand out? Lev3 took the edgy-graphics-and-loud-designs in one of its latest offerings: the Psy.

        Not to be confused with the K-pop icon of “Gangnam Style” fame, this full-face helmet has a racy rear spoiler, a decent amount of features, and a psycho outlaw racer-inspired aesthetic.

        For P3,599, is the Lev3 Psy worth a look?


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        The first thing you’ll notice is its decal-covered shell. Various words and designs adorn the matte black helmet—some are motorcycle-related like the RACER along the sides, and edgy like the demonic visage across the top part. The rest are perplexing, such as tic tac toe and the indecisive YES NO on the right side of the chin.

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        Whether or not you’re into this type of loud aesthetic comes down to personal preference. What is certain, however, is that it makes a statement on the street. The sizable rear spoiler is attention-grabbing as well, and comes in several different color options to suit your taste.


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        As a road-focused helmet, the Psy needs to be comfortable enough for daily use. With decently soft padding, a breathable interior, and sizable cutouts for your ears, this lid is up to the task of regular street riding.

        Don’t expect a race helmet-style viewport, though, as its field of view isn’t tall enough for an unimpeded view of the next apex when in a full tuck position on the track.

        All the interior pads are removable, washable, and anti-bacterial, so the helmet won’t get stinky and impossible to wear as long as you clean and wash it. The pads aren’t as tight out of the box as I’d like, though. Helmet pads tend to loosen and soften over time, eventually conforming to your head shape. If a helmet’s already loose, there’s a chance it won’t hug your face after it breaks in.

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        A sticker on the back of the Psy indicates that it conforms to both DOT and ECE standards. This is a guarantee that it’s been crash tested by two out of the three big helmet safety rating standards.

        Integrated into the neck roll is a reflective patch that increases your visibility at night while hunched over on your motorcycle. It’s a bit small, though, and won’t do much if you’re sitting upright on something like an adventure bike.

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        The quick-release strap makes putting the helmet on and taking it off easy, and is simple enough to operate with gloved hands. Oddly enough, the unit came with metal retention that is not completely looped in the straps yet, so I had to assemble it. Some riders might not notice this and end up riding with an unsecured helmet.

        Extra features

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        The Psy carries a bunch of features that are typical of higher-end helmets. A number of vents provide airflow; a drop-down sun visor eliminates the need for sunglasses or a smoked visor, and a nose guard reduces fog build up inside the visor.

        Another neat thing about the visor is the easy-to-reach tab for opening and closing at the center.

        The box also contains a cloth bag and the necessary literature for your new helmet. Aside from these, the Psy doesn’t come with too many doodads, and that’s all right considering the price point.


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        If loud graphics and a sporty rider are your thing and pricey, high-end sportbike helmets are well out of your budget, the Psy might be a good fit. This lid has decent features, legitimate safety ratings, and a very attractive price tag, which makes it a worthy contender if you’re shopping around.

        Specifications: Lev3 Psy

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        Price: P3,599
        Type: Full-face helmet

        Score: 15/20

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        PHOTO: Miguel Jacobo

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