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        Review: 2021 Royal Alloy TG300S

        Modern meets vintage
        by Agnes Uzochika Aja Sep 7, 2021
        PHOTO: Mark Jesalva

        The British brand Royal Alloy has a winning playbook. Ignore the badging, and you might mistake one of its three models for a classic Lambretta or Vespa.

        While the Royal Alloy’s retro scooters look like they rode out of northern Italy’s postwar landscape, the engines and features reflect the strides that motorcycle technology has made. The brand’s touring model, the Tigara Grande 300S (or TG300S for short), was lent to us for testing. It’s the second of the brand’s two 300cc offerings, the other one being the sporting GP300S.

        Check out our review below if you’re curious about this modern scooter in vintage clothing.


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        The TG300S looks like one vintage Italian scooter, particularly the Lambretta TV175 Series 2. A quick image search highlights similarities between the two—from the shape of the steel frame and body panels to the distinctive front beak fender and chrome horn cover. Our test unit came in two-tone paint: ivory for the main body, and pewter grey for the side panels and steering column. It’s an unusual color scheme for newer scooters, but fits right in with the TG300S’s vintage inspiration.

        But the scooter’s classic aesthetic doesn’t stop with its body. The key looks like the iconic Swiss Army knife and even has the substantial weight of one.

        The saddle

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        A seat that stays comfortable during long rides is a must for touring scooters. The one on the TG300S is a comfortable medium firm with faux leather seat cover. The seat on the Royal Alloys has a novel way of using suction cups. The TG300S, like the sporting GP300S, uses two rows of suctions to hold the seat to the body panel. Unlike the GP300S, though, the TG300S’s seat is also secured with a locking button mechanism that latches onto the steel base frame.

        At 30.3in, the seat height for this Royal Alloy is standard for most scooters. Neither too high for shorter riders nor too low and cramped for taller ones. The wide footbed and its rubber floor rails add to the seat’s comfort by giving your feet extra grip and room to move.

        Engine performance

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        Underneath the TG300S’s seat and body paneling is a 278cc liquid-cooled SOHC single-cylinder engine that delivers smooth and surprising power. Milled to deliver a compression ratio of 11.0:1, the fuel-injected engine behaves like a sporty scooter when you want it to. Plus, it syncs well with the CVT transmission so there’s hardly any delay in throttle response. Not once did the scooter feel sluggish or lacking in torque. And even with an unladen weight of 152kg, the scooter easily reaches higher highway speeds and has no problem accelerating quickly for lane changes or overtaking.

        Ride and handling

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        Whenever I hopped on the TG300S, three characteristics always shone through to win me over. The scooter responded well to minimal input. It was always stable at high speeds. And it was narrow enough to filter through tight spaces. These three qualities made riding around feel effortless, whether it was on the highway or a neighborhood street.

        The scooter’s brakes and suspension amplified this feeling of effortlessness and control. The 12-in wheels roll on grippy Pirellis stock and stop on a dime, thanks to 220mm front and rear rotors backed by dual-channel Bosch ABS. The front and rear suspensions’ double hydraulic shocks (each with adjustable preload) floats the bike over most surfaces. And under hard or sudden braking, the anti-dive technology ensures a smooth stop. It sounds fancy, but the tech appears to be a triangular metal plate bolted onto the front wheel to keep it from tucking too much and upsetting the scooter’s balance.

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        Extra features

        As the priciest Royal Alloy (P295,000), the TG300S comes with several bells and whistles. Apart from the tech and safety features, the touring scoot is fitted with all-around LED lights, Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in rack, and a touch color TFT display. The matte TFT display is the crowning extra feature. When you key the scooter on, the display flashes a short animation of the Royal Alloy logo before switching to the instrument panel. From panel, you can set the date and time, reset the trip meter, and switch between miles and kilometers. One last sweetener is a light sensor that automatically switches the panel into dark mode when riding in low light.

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        Retro scooters hardly go out of fashion, but maintenance and rarity keep them in the hands of the few. The Royal Alloy TG300S bridges the gap between wanting and having by blending classic feel and style with modern features. This nostalgic homage to Lambretta is a nimble machine that rides and handles well with little effort, making it ideal for both city and highway riding. And like the scooters of the postwar past, it feels like it’s built to last.

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        Specifications: 2021 Royal Alloy TG300S

        Price: P295,000

        Engine: 278cc SOHC single-cylinder

        Power: 22hp @7,200rpm

        Torque: 23Nm @6,000rpm

        Transmission: CVT transmission

        Seat height: 30.3 inches

        Score: 18/20

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        PHOTO: Mark Jesalva

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