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        Review: SMK Twister

        Could this be your next helmet?
        by Matthew Galang Jul 29, 2021
        PHOTO: Paul del Rosario

        There’s never been a better time to be a new rider thanks to the wide array of affordable gear available. The budget gear segment isn’t only growing, but improving in quality as well. Features that would previously only be found on premium pieces of gear now come standard on items that even students can reasonably save up for.

        When it comes to helmets, this growth of the budget sector is apparent through the entrance of more affordable brands into the local market. One such company is SMK Helmets, an international brand that designs its models in Europe and manufactures them in India. Meet the SMK Twister, a full-face helmet with a reasonable price tag.

        Is the SMK Twister helmet a solid choice for beginners and riders on a tight budget? Read our review below to find out.


        SMK Twister full-face helmet

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        As an all-around helmet, the Twister has a very inoffensive design that would look right at home on pretty much any style of bike. The swept lines especially near the neckline make it look quite sporty, and so does the rear spoiler.

        In the white color that our review unit came in, the helmet looks especially premium and understated, as its clean look emphasized the lines and cuts molded into the shell.

        I personally would’ve preferred smaller logos and branding for the single-color paint options, especially on the forehead area, for an even cleaner look.


        SMK Twister full-face helmet ECE sticker

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        Full-face helmets like the Twister are the most protective kind available as they cover your entire head, so you needn’t worry as much about your face getting messed up in the event of a crash. The ECE sticker on the back of the helmet means the Twister passed the Economic Commission for Europe’s stringent standards and tests. The Twister passes these standards thanks to dual-density EPS foam for better impact absorbption.

        If you do take a tumble, itll be easy to pull the helmet off of your head thanks to the quick-release buckle. 


        SMK Twister full-face helmet padding

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        The Twister’s liner and padding are surprisingly comfortable and premium-feeling. The unit I reviewed came in a size Medium, and feels snug and comfortable on my head. I experienced some discomfort in my ears after a couple hours of riding, but this issue might have more to do with the odd shape of my ears than the helmet’s interior.

        Road noise while wearing it isn’t too bad, but a more substantial chin curtain would be nice to further reduce this and to prevent rocks and bugs from getting into the helmet while on the highway.

        Extra Features

        SMK Twister full-face helmet

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        Despite the low price point, the Twister comes packed with a good amount of features. The liner is removable and washable, and is also hypoallergenic. Closable vents can be found on the chin bar and on the top of the helmet, both of which are easy to find and operate with gloved hands. The open exhaust ports are positioned underneath the rear spoiler to funnel hot air out of the inside of the helmet.

        The quick-release visor has a wide eyeport and convenient tabs on either side for easy opening while on the bike. A drop down sun visor eliminates the need to bring sunglasses or a spare smoked visor for extra sunny days. On the side of the helmet is a provision for a Bluetooth communicator system, though I’m not quite sure what specific unit this mounting area is meant for. 

        If you wish to install a Pinlock anti-fog visor insert for rainy days, doing so is easy thanks to the mounting pegs on the visor.

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        SMK Twister full-face helmet

        It’s a bit difficult to find faults with this lid, especially for its low price tag. SMK even threw some extras into the box to sweeten the deal even further, such as stickers and a neat SMK keychain.

        SMK’s Twister is a very tempting proposition for those of you just starting out or are looking for a reliable helmet that won’t break the bank. Its materials feel solid, the liner is plush and comfortable, and there’s enough features to put some higher-end helmets to shame.

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        Specifications: SMK Twister Helmet

        SMK Twister full-face helmet

        Price: P3,450
        Type: Full-face
        Score: 18/20

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        PHOTO: Paul del Rosario

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