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        Proper ventilation, washing areas now required in waiting areas
        Salute to our modern-day heroes
        As Filipinos celebrate National Heroes' Day, Foodpanda highlighted the sacrifices of 99 persons with disabilities (PWD) and how they survive the daily challenges as delivery riders.Four PWD riders were gracious enough to share their stories of serving with pride in the
        Rest in peace, Kuya Romzki
        Makki Jasareno thought that he was near the Foodpanda head office in Sorsogon when he saw a throng of delivery riders lined up on both sides of the road. He then realized that it wasn't just an ordinary congregation when the
        The riders passed the LGUs’ safety standards
        A day after Makati City officials lifted the short-lived ban on electric kick scooters in the Central Business District, Foodpanda launched its initial batch of 25 riders who will use this form of alternative mobility not only in the same area,
        Know your rights as a laborer
        The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has issued an advisory to help set standards in determining work relationships between delivery or courier riders and the companies they work for.DOLE aims to help the two parties settle future work-related disputes
        A senior advisory team was formed to look into the matter
        The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has stepped in to clarify matters regarding the reported unfair treatment of Foodpanda delivery riders in Davao City.According to Rolly Francia, DOLE's director for information, Foodpanda claimed the 10-year suspension issue was
        What do you think?
        Are food delivery personnel being treated fairly here in the Philippines? If we're going by FoodPanda riders' recent complaints regarding the company's payment structure, perhaps this is an issue. One senator has even gone as far as to label their
        “They deserve better treatment”
        Rider advocate group Kapatiran sa Dalawang Gulong (Kagulong) has called on the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to investigate the alleged harassment and intimidation by Foodpanda towards its riders in Davao City."We are one with the members of Davao United
        They are shelved until 2031
        After hundreds of Foodpanda delivery riders took to the streets to protest against unclear wage policies, as well as the suspension of around 30 of them for 10 years, the company has reportedly shelved another 70 who joined the rally.In a
        A feel-good story
        Has anyone else here tried the BTS Meal at McDonald's over the past couple of weeks? That Cajun sauce is pretty good, right? Fans of the K-pop group buying the 10-piece nugget bundle in droves, however, are driven by
        ’Di paawat sa pag-alagwa ang delivery services
        Darating ang panahong maglalaho ang COVID-19 pandemic, pero ang door-to-door deliveries ay mananatili nang bahagi ng ating buhay. Kumbinyente kasi ang hatid nitong serbisyo kung may kailangan tayong ipa-deliver o ipadala sa kung nasaan man tayo.Pero ano
        Ride safe!
        The city government of Manila has teamed up with Foodpanda Philippines to come up with the 'pandaBIZikleta' program, which will give free bicycles and safety gear to freelance delivery bikers.Under the new project, around 30 workers will benefit from the bicycle
        The search is on
        Aside from just providing delivery riders with perks as part of the job, Foodpanda has also made its riders a part of its upcoming seventh birthday bash, where the next 'Ultimate Rider' will be crowned.Part of the festivities for this birthday
        Mabuhay ka, sir!
        Being a food delivery rider is already hard work in itself, but imagine getting lost on your way-and not just any 'way,' but an actual highway.That's what Gab Constantino saw when he was plying the North Luzon Expressway: a
        Senator Win Gatchalian got scammed once
        Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, a victim of credit card hacking, pushed for the mandatory registration of prepaid SIM cards to prevent online scams on Wednesday, May 26.Gatchalian said the Philippines is overdue to join the ranks of 155 countries that require proof
        These days, we rely on delivery riders more than ever for bringing meals, groceries, small purchases, gifts, and pretty much everything else you could think of to and from our doorsteps. The ongoing pandemic has rapidly increased the need for riders working
        The SPC Dancing riders are back
        Laguna's dancing Foodpanda riders, who got nearly 10 million views for a single TikTok video, roped in their rivals from Grab for another feel-good version of 'Ever After.'The SPC Dancing Riders' newest TikTok, posted by team leader Jomak Peladra,
        The SPC Dancing Riders hail from Laguna
        Jomark Peladra and his crew of Foodpanda riders did a happy dance to the beach house classic 'Ever After' and got nearly five million views in three days-cracking a viral formula on Gen Z's favorite platform, TikTok.Peladra and the
        Dapat linawin ang klasipikasyon ng delivery sektor
        Malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw ang mga dahilan ng biglang pagdami ng delivery riders sa bansa ay kawalan ng trabaho ngayong panahon ng pandemya.Kabilang dito ang pagkakatanggal sa trabaho, paglalagay sa floating status, o kaya'y pagsasara ng kumpanyang pinagtatrabahuhan
        Crime does not pay
        Crime does not pay.Ito ang mariing babala ni Deputy Speaker Bernadette Herrera-Dy sa mga nasa likod ng karahasan at fake bookings sa mga delivery rider.Ayon sa ulat ng Pilipino Mirror, nababahala si Herrera sa dumaraming insidente ng fake bookings
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