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        The Tropang Top Bikes returns for Round Two
        Have you ever found yourself arguing with your friends about how a certain bike brand is pronounced? We definitely have, and that's what gave rise to our Motorcycle Brand Pronunciation Challenge.In Episode One, we covered the easier brands. While we
        This is the biggest Benelli yet
        Chinese-owned Italian brand Benelli is updating its lineup with its largest model yet, the 1200GT. First unveiled for the Chinese market at the Beijing Motor Show, this sport touring bike's main feature is its namesake engine.The 1200GT is built
        Connectivity options are all the rage
        Connectivity is the name of the game these days, and Chinese-owned Italian brand Benelli isn't going to stay behind the curve. The brand's solution to competitors cranking out bike connectivity options is, of course, to make one as well.
        The Chinese-owned Italian brand brings in another stylish bike
        Beginner riders are more spoiled for choice than ever, as Benelli Philippines has now introduced the Leoncino 250, a quarter-liter-sized scrambler that essentially acts as a younger brother to the Leoncino 500.Similar to its 500cc sibling, the Leoncino 250
        Benelli San Fernando livestreamed the announcement
        Benelli's entry in the midsize adventure tourer category, the TRK 502X, is now available in the Philippines.The local distributor of the Italian motorcycle company in San Fernando, Pampanga, recently held a livestream event announcing the arrival of the updated model.
        What do we think of this budget bobber?
        It seems as if these days, every new motorcycle that gets launched in our market receives a lot of hype. The motorcycle community keeps getting bigger, after all, and new introductions get massive fanfare thanks to social media. Not all of that
        The local scooter market is alive and kicking
        Benelli Philippines further strengthens its presence in the local market by unleashing the retro-looking 2020 Panarea 125 scooter.The new Panarea 125 looks awesome with its curvaceous, classic-style body shell that mirrors the designs of iconic premium scooters from Vespa
        Will it share some components with Benelli models?
        In recent months, telltale signs that Harley-Davidson is gearing toward small-displacement bikes are becoming more evident. It's no secret that this iconic American motorcycle brand is struggling from huge financial losses in many of its global markets.To curb
        We can't wait
        Zhejiang Qianjiang, the Chinese motorcycle giant that now owns the Italian brand Benelli, recently launched the new QJ SRK 600. But once it makes its way to Europe, India, and North America, this naked motorbike will be known as the 2020 Benelli
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