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        The Tropang Top Bikes returns for Round Two
        Have you ever found yourself arguing with your friends about how a certain bike brand is pronounced? We definitely have, and that's what gave rise to our Motorcycle Brand Pronunciation Challenge.In Episode One, we covered the easier brands. While we
        Are you ready for a supercharged enduro ride?
        A year ago, Access Plus Philippines announced the arrival of the Ducati pedal-assisted electric bicycles within the next few months. Three models were initially supposed to come: the top-of-the-line mountain bikes MIG-RR and the MIG-S, and
        No production planned (yet)
        If there's one thing we hate about concept motorbikes, it's waiting for it to be brought to life.On the heels of DAB Motors unveiling the Concept-E, Italdesign comes out with its own electric motorcycle concept that is based
        Would you make the same purchase if you had that amount of money?
        The Ducati Superleggera V4 is the most powerful production bike to ever roll out of the Borgo Panigale factory. Only 500 units of this superbike have been built-one of which arrived on our shores earlier this year-and Unit 315 has
        A Ducati friendly enough for newbie riders
        When you hear Ducati, chances are you think of its range-topping models like the beastly Panigale V4 R or the menacing Diavel 1260 S. What some people may not expect from the Bologna-based brand is a bike approachable enough for
        Black and yellow is a pretty stylish combo
        Following the release of the Lamborghini-inspired Diavel 1260 S, Ducati has concocted yet another stunning variant of its muscle cruiser, this time called the Black and Steel edition. This variant is inspired by the Diavel Materico concept, which was first presented
        Are you a member of the Desmo Owners Club?
        When Ducati launched the MyDucati app in September 2020, the Italian brand called it "your privileged access to the Ducati world."Users can check all the information about their bikes and find the dealer nearest to their location by simply downloading the
        More personalization options for Monsteristas
        One of Ducati's most iconic models, the Monster, has received extensive updates for 2021. Previously, there were several models in the Monster lineup, including the 797, 821, and 1200. Now, the whole range has been streamlined into just two variants: the
        Ducati has also made all Hypermotard 950 bikes Euro 5-compliant
        Ducati has announced a new livery for the Hypermotard 950 SP, while updates have also been made to the Supermoto family to make each bike Euro 5-compliant."A new color scheme that evokes the racing world with its colors and that
        The best photos will land on the brand’s official social media platforms
        How would you like to pose for a photo with a 2021 Ducati Monster on your favorite road, or while parked at your house, and post it on social media? With the use of augmented reality, the Italian brand is aiming to
        KimXi enjoyed an afternoon ride around the village
        Xian Lim has staked his claim to the title of 'Boyfriend of the Year' after he got his girlfriend Kim Chiu some riding apparel so she could finally join him in riding.The celebrity couple recently shared on social media photos of
        Watch Episode 1 and 2 on YouTube
        Ducati has released a seven-episode tutorial about maximizing the 2021 Panigale V4.Tech Talks, which stars Ducati's official tester Alessandro Valia and Ducati Superbike Development team leader Carlo Ricci Maccarini, is set at the paddock of the Misano World Circuit
        Sales are good despite the pandemic
        Have you been wondering how some big bike brands are performing locally during the pandemic?Well, in Ducati Philippines' case, it's moving more stock than it anticipated. The Ducati bosses in Italy are apparently satisfied with the performance of local distributor
        Black and red is a cool combo, don’t you think?
        Ducati's 2021 Scrambler lineup gets a new member in the form of the Desert Sled Fasthouse, a limited-edition version of the Desert Sled built to commemorate the Italian manufacturer's victory at The Mint 400 desert race.In collaboration with
        Things are heating up
        It might just be the second day of MotoGP testing, but things are already heating up with Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP rider Fabio Quartararo taking the lead at the official Qatar Test. The French rider was and so far remains the only
        You can view it now via appointment
        Ducati Philippines has announced that the 2021 Superleggera V4 is now in the country. The Italian brand's street-legal super sportbike boasts an unrivaled power-to-weight ratio, and is limited to just 500 units worldwide. Each one has a designated
        It comes equipped with an electronic control unit capable of reading data
        No pricing details have been made known, but considering Ducati's regular jackets easily reach upwards of several hundred euros, we don't expect the company's new smart jacket to come cheap. Still, if you can afford to splurge in exchange
        It has strong aesthetic links with the Panigale V4
        During the staging of the Ducati World Premier two months ago, three of the seven models that were launched-Panigale V4 SP, Multistrada V4, Diavel 1260 Lamborghini-instantly stole the limelight. The others, apparently, drew less attention.But after the smoke cleared,
        At last
        On January 28, Ducati Philippines confirmed that the Multistrada V4 is now on Philippine soil via an unboxing ceremony led by CEO Toti Alberto. A brand-new Multistrada V4 S was unveiled, one of ten initially allotted for the Philippine market. These
        Guess the best-selling model last year
        Even the pandemic and a nearly two-month pause on production during peak season couldn't stop Ducati from selling nearly 50,000 bikes last year.The Italian company was actually hit hard in the first half of 2020, but it managed
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