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        In a previous story, we covered all the basics about reloading Autosweep RFIDs. This time, we're going to discuss how to reload Easytrip RFIDs.Easytrip tags are used along all expressways under the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (MPTC), namely: the North
        Take note, guys
        We only have a few weeks to go before major expressways completely shift to cashless transactions under the orders of the Department of Transportation. If you haven't gotten ahold of RFIDs for your cars yet by now, you might want to
        We get the opinion of two practicing lawyers
        The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many commuters to look for alternative modes of mobility due to the acute shortage of public transportation. This is the main reason behind the sudden surge in demand for bicycles and motorcycles. When purchasing a vehicle,
        Ignorance excuses no one
        Whether we like it or not, RFID stickers will soon be an indispensable part of the motorists' way of life. On November 2, 2020, major expressways will implement fully-cashless toll collection, as mandated by the Department of Transportation. In simple words:
        Make this a habit
        Motorcycle riding safety does not depend on the rider's skills alone. The motorcycle, too, has a big role to play. We've heard about many accidents caused by engine failure, faulty brake systems, steering problems, and so on and so forth.
        First rule: Treat it with respect
        Riding an electric kick scooter puts convenience, independence, and fun into commuting. I got to experience this firsthand when testing the Mercane WideWheel Pro.As a regular Top Bikes Philippines contributor, I get try out different motorcycles that are introduced to the
        Is this scoot really exclusive for lady riders?
        The 2020 Honda Genio made its debut in the Philippine market almost exactly a year ago. Though it didn't get as much fanfare as did its adventure-style cousin, the ADV 150, this scooter is worth another look for its unique
        This is the new norm
        In April last year, the Yamaha Riding Academy (YRA) organized a riding clinic in Calamba, Laguna, for a three-day Revfest. The last hurrah to a long weekend of events, the one-day refresher course invited local Laguna riders to jog their
        Are you ready to join the electric kick scooter craze?
        Electric scooters have really grown in popularity in recent years. Since they're efficient and extremely fun to ride, these gadgets have become a viable alternative to public transportation. After experiencing it ourselves, we also reckon they're pretty safe ss long
        Read before you enroll
        The new requirement of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for wannabe drivers and riders to undergo a 15-hour theoretical driving course before they can be issued a student permit must be causing headaches for many people.Faced with uncertainties on whether
        Trust the process
        First-time motorcycle buyers today are spoiled for choice. With the wide array of makes and models available, however, it's easy to get a bit overwhelmed. Choosing the right bike for you and your needs can be a bit daunting, especially
        Here are helpful tips for applicants to pass the test
        The new requirement of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for student drivers to undergo a 15-hour theoretical driving course and an eight-hour practical driving course from LTO-accredited training centers has triggered a huge demand for riding instructors. This situation
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