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        Kuya Kim
        He visited his friend, motivational speaker Chinkee Tan
        It didn't take long for 'Kuya Kim' Atienza to break out his shiny new BMW R18 First Edition. In his latest motovlog, Kuya Kim rode the 1,802cc cruiser to visit his friend, motivational speaker Chinkee Tan in Cainta, Rizal.On
        Wish granted!
        It was well worth the wait for 'Kuya Kim' Atienza, as he has finally acquired a BMW R18.Atienza shared photos of his new bike on Instagram with the caption: "All in God's time. This partnership was two years in the
        Happy birthday, trivia master!
        Trivia master-slash-motorcycle enthusiast 'Kuya Kim' Atienza recently celebrated his 54th birthday, and what better way to mark the special occasion than by receiving his Silver Creator Award from YouTube. Since starting his channel, Kuya Kim has already amassed 148 thousand
        The vintage bike is 69 years old!
        If there's one thing that 'Kuya Kim' Atienza loves more than riding motorcycles, it's riding vintage ones.Back in July 2020, he wrote on his official Facebook page: "There is something about old bikes that attracts me. When you ride
        Fellow EuroMonkey Emil Banno owns the rarest local superbike collection
        Following his formal induction into the EuroMonkeys, 'Kuya Kim' Atienza paid a visit to his fellow member and friend Emil Banno in his latest motovlog.Banno is the owner of the rarest superbike collection in the Philippines, which includes four custom Ducati
        The trivia master received his official monkey ring
        The TV host also rode his own BMW R75/5
        In the latest episode of his YouTube vlog, 'Kuya Kim' Atienza paid a visit to a motorcycle restoration shop. Specifically, he dropped by BMW boxer enthusiast Kit Nicolas' shop in Quezon City.There, Kuya Kim saw some of the more hard-to-
        The TV host is a fan of the Italian scooter brand
        In his latest motovlog, 'Kuya Kim' Atienza took one of the rarest models in his motorcycle collection-a 1954 Lambretta F 125-for a spin.According to the TV host, the classic scooter was first bought in the 1950s by Don Jose
        Ex-basketball player Enrico Villanueva also joined the ride
        When he's not blowing people's minds with trivia or reporting the weather, 'Kuya Kim' Atienza takes out his prized motorbikes and records his rides for his vlog.Atienza, who's admittedly new to vlogging, already has more than 80,000
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