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        He’s the latest casualty of the infamous Silang-Tagaytay Road
        As they say: Death comes like a thief in the night.And death is cruel, because it does not spare even your closest friends in the most unexpected moments. Willie Deslate-a 47-year-old businessman and hardcore rider who is well
        Sapul ka rin ba, pare?
        Maraming benepisyong nakakamit ang rider sa pagsapi sa isang motorcycle club. Kabilang na rito ang kakaibang kapatiran, masayang samahan, at yung tawagin nila sa Ingles ay 'sense of belongingness' at 'companionship.'Masarap at nakaaaliw bumiyahe kasama ang ibang rider na alam mong
        The riders want equal protection and treatment on the road
        In line with the growing number of female riders in the country, some motorcycle groups have scheduled a unity ride in observance of Interational Women's Day. The ride will take place on Sunday, March 7.Claire Lastimosa, president of the Pabebe
        There’s tapsilog, coffee, pizza, siomai, quesadillas, and more
        When we talk about mobile food caravans, they usually involve trucks, carts, or vans. But motorcycles?Enter Moto Pop Up. Organized by independent group Segunda, the regular event sees motorbike enthusiasts selling different kinds of products on two wheels. There's tapsilog,
        Harley-Davidson of Cebu celebrates its fifth anniversary
        Are you a fan of Harley-Davidson? Here in the Philippines and around the world, this American motorcycle brand has been a household name for several decades now.But if you follow the news, you might have the perception that HD is
        Moto tourism is definitely gaining traction
        Composed of successful but ultra-busy professionals, the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG) is one local big bike organization that we seldom see riding in one large group.One weekend, they might plan a ride and for one reason or another, it'
        The actor is set to train with the motorcycle delearship
        Far removed from his, err, more colorful days, Baron Geisler has been making headlines for the right reasons recently.The character actor, who enlisted as Navy reservist earlier this month, took to Instagram to share photos and a video of him and
        They braved the pandemic just to help others
        While the rest of the riding communities are staying home, groups of good-spirited owners of Honda motorcycles and scooters braved the prevailing pandemic by reaching out to the medical frontliners who badly needed support in some parts of the country.According
        It’s not them, it’s you
        Joining a motorcycle club has its benefits. Either for purposes of camaraderie, brotherhood, or even just for sourcing spare parts and accessories, bike organizations are known to satisfy a rider's sense of belongingness. Members feel like they're part of one
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