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        Naked Bike
        You may now pick your jaw up off the floor
        In case the P2-M RR is out of your reach
        At the zenith of MV Agusta's naked bike range is the Brutale 1000 RR: A 200+ hp, winglet-equipped, achingly beautiful work of motorcycle art. With its muscular stance and imposing demeanor, this bike has become an aspirational ride for many.
        This particular silhouette looks clean
        If Kawasaki's signature lime green paint job is too Power Ranger for your taste, then the latest color option for the 2022 Z650 is probably right up your alley.Dubbed 'Pearl Robotic White/Metallic Matte Graphenesteel Gray,' this classy white scheme
        Rejoice, naked-bike fans
        Earlier this year, MV Agusta unveiled the new and improved 2021 iterations of the Brutale and Dragster families. Thanks to MV Agusta Philippines bringing in the revised model lineup, Filipino riders can get their hands on these beautiful naked bikes.Significant changes
        We’re itching to see how the whole bike looks
        In a recently released video, Triumph Motorcycles has essentially announced the coming of its next bike: the Speed Triple 1200 RR.As the RR-suffix implies, this version of the British manufacturer's already feisty sport naked is edgier and sportier than
        We try out the most affordable 650cc bike on the market
        We've previously had the chance to try out CFMoto's middleweight sport tourer, the 650GT. This bike was comfy, capable, decently stocked with features, and most of all, affordable. As a result, we found the 650GT to be a pretty good
        Which of these bikes do you think deserves to win?
        Honda's CB650R neo retro-styled naked bike has been selling like hotcakes since its debut back in 2019. This in-line-four motorcycle has a blend of classic and contemporary styling cues, a responsive and mean-sounding engine, and capable componentry,
        We hope to see this new shade on our streets soon
        Suzuki's GSX-S750 has seen a good amount of popularity here in the Philippines. This middleweight naked sportbike features the same legendary engine from the GSX-R750 supersport machine, only tuned for the road-granting it sportbike levels of power and
        One of the few times starting off on a literbike is a reasonable idea
        Suzuki UK has announced details of the GSX-S950, a naked sport-bike based on the recently refreshed GSX-S1000. This newbie-friendly version of Suzuki's liter-class naked will be available in UK dealers starting August, and can be restricted
        Should other scrambler manufacturers be worried?
        Following our brief fling with the 650GT sports tourer, we've come to recognize why CFMoto has a solid reputation for affordable big bikes. Ample performance, rich features, and a reasonable price point are the keys for this Chinese brand. Now, we
        The Chinese-owned Italian brand brings in another stylish bike
        Beginner riders are more spoiled for choice than ever, as Benelli Philippines has now introduced the Leoncino 250, a quarter-liter-sized scrambler that essentially acts as a younger brother to the Leoncino 500.Similar to its 500cc sibling, the Leoncino 250
        More personalization options for Monsteristas
        One of Ducati's most iconic models, the Monster, has received extensive updates for 2021. Previously, there were several models in the Monster lineup, including the 797, 821, and 1200. Now, the whole range has been streamlined into just two variants: the
        It’s the Italian exotic experience, but easier to manage
        Much like car enthusiasts, riders see Italian machines as a class all their own. As much panache as these bikes have, though, they also have a reputation for not being the best daily rides. Common complaints include unbearable engine heat that threatens
        The lineup continues to grow
        Yamaha's XSR family of sport heritage motorcycles only continues to grow as the newest model has now been announced in Europe. First spotted by the eagle-eyed public in type approval documents, the XSR125 is now an official member of the
        Fancy making this your next daily ride?
        Beginner riders have never been as spoiled for choice when it comes to their first ride. With the advent of low-displacement naked sportbikes like the Yamaha MT-15 and KTM 200 Duke, first-time motorcyclists now have the option to incorporate
        It lives up to its name
        Motorcyles around the 600cc range have usually been one of two things: in-line-four cylinder-powered race bikes with license plates and lights, or laid-back beginner-friendly rides with parallel-twin engines. With the announcement of Aprilia's RS 660
        Daily-worthy bikes with superbike-level tech
        Aprilia officially begins a new era in sportbike history with the digital launch of two of the most highly-anticipated motorcycles of the year: the RS 660 and Tuono 660. These models combine the technological advancements of Aprilia's top-tier superbikes
        Looks just about ready to take on the European competition
        After a series of video teasers hinting at the new GSX-S1000's sharp new looks, Suzuki has finally taken the covers off of its top-of-the-line super naked. Totally restyled for the 2022 model year, the GSX-S1000 is
        A Philippine release is unlikely, but these bikes are cool nonetheless
        When you think about it, Filipino riders are quite privileged when it comes to motorcycle licensing. Once you have the necessary restriction on your driver's license, you can buy and ride essentially any displacement of motorcycle you want. Beginners can start
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