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        Riding Apparel
        This vest is compatible with airbags, too
        Since they're constantly exposed to the elements, motorcycle riders have to make use of things like mesh riding jackets in the summer and waterproof layers in the rainy season to stay somewhat comfortable and protected. In this age where assorted motorcycle
        Jackets, pants, and gloves galore
        Filipino riders will now be able to cop premium motorcycle apparel from Belgium-based manufacturer Richa.Local distributor Motoworld recently announced that it has included Richa to its roster of riding gear brands. The latter's wide range of products-jackets, gloves,
        Is your mom a rider? Check these gift ideas out
        Mother's Day is just a few days away. Have you gotten something special for your mom? If not, why not give a gift that will guarantee hours of fun riding?Below, we've prepared a short list of some useful, stylish,
        The company has upcycled over 26 tons of discarded inner tubes
        For the founders of Siklo Pilipinas, necessity is indeed the mother of invention.Clarice and Lyndon Ecuacion were looking for something to protect their gadgets while island hopping, back when dry bags weren't a thing. That's when Lyndon thought of
        Read this before you add to cart
        Now that going out to shopping establishments isn't as safe as it used to be, more and more people are turning to stores based on Facebook, Shopee, Lazada, and other online platforms. And in the age of online shopping, it was
        Always dress for the crash, but look good doing it
        Dress for the crash, not for the ride, right? Still, it doesn't hurt to look great and feel comfortable at the same time. And that's where casual riding gear comes in. These kinds of accessories were designed for comfort on
        Look good on and off the dirt track
        Given how how sweaty motocross riders get when they're out tearing up the dirt and landing jumps, it makes a lot of sense why lightweight motorcycle jerseys are popular with the off-road crowd. In fact, jerseys are gaining so much
        Which one deserves to be in your closet?
        Riding in the summer heat shouldn't be a choice between comfort and protection. If you want to enjoy the breeze without risking road rash, think about getting a mesh jacket. These jackets are made up of large mesh panels to enhance
        Alamin ang opinyon ng isang medical professional
        Mga kagulong, ilang pares ng riding gloves ang gamit mo?Kung iisang pares ang gamit mo sa pang araw-araw na pagmamaneho ng motorsiklo, makabubuti sa iyo na seryosohin ang payo ni Dr. Raymond Figuerres, isang anesthesiologist sa St. Luke's Medical
        It’s perfectly timed for International Women’s Day
        The Spanish brand LS2 is known here in the country for its mid-range helmets. But for 2021, it plans to extend its reputation into clothing with a whole new apparel collection.The company has pledged to put out gear for the
        Are these gloves also good for city riding?
        If your hands get injured, you most likely won't be able to ride until you're healed up. So wearing gloves, along with other safety gear, is absolutely essential where riding motorcycles is concerned.When it comes to riding gloves, things
        Raffle prizes and special giveaways await viewers
        Are you looking to buy a motorcycle or some parts and accessories, but you're hesitant to go out shopping due to the prevailing threat of COVID-19? Well, this upcoming event might be the answer to your problem., a
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