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        The Tropang Top Bikes returns for Round Two
        Celebrating 75 years of classy scooters
        As part of Vespa's 75th anniversary celebration, its special edition Primavera and GTS scooters have now made their way to Philippine shores.These models from the Vespa 75th series will be available for 2021 only. These unique scooters can be ordered
        Was it easy for you to convince your significant other to let you ride?
        During the ongoing pandemic, lots of people have turned to riding as a way to relieve quarantine stress and boredom and to enjoy seeing the sights in a socially-distanced manner. One of these people is Vice Ganda's partner Ion Perez,
        That scooter is looking good
        It has been a while since Ryan 'Ninong Ry' Reyes released motorcycle-related content on his YouTube channel. On Sunday, the celebrity chef shared the recent makeover of his iconic yellow Vespa scooter."Kasi nagkaron to ng problema nung bagyong Ulysses na
        There are new rules to be followed
        There's a good reason why Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (DGR) is the global phenomenon that it is. There's nothing like seeing the spectacle of a whole fleet of well-dressed, dappered-up men and women riding on classic, retro, and
        The local visual artist is also an avid scooter rider
        Every once in a while, JP Pining's passions-painting and motorcycles-collide. And when they do, it results in a two wheel-themed geometric burst of colors.Recently, the visual artist from Mandaluyong finished a commissioned artwork of a Vespa scooter,
        The Vespa Lady Riders is a relatively new club
        Over the weekend, scooter aficionados all over the country celebrated National Vespa Day. Vespa Club of the Philippines compiled photos of vespisti (Italian for Vespa rider) from Metro Manila to Iloilo and uploaded the album on its Facebook page:Among the local
        Where would you take this cute scooter?
        Have you ever thought about taking a scooter to a leisurely meal outdoors? Well, Vespa's got just the ride for you-the newly released Picnic. It features several picnic-related accessories, unique styling, and special colors. You might say that Vespa'
        For all the Vespatitos out there
        For its 75th anniversary, Vespa has released commemorative editions of its Primavera and GTS models. These special versions, dubbed the 75th series, will each carry a 75th suffix and will receive special decals on a 1940s-esque metallic yellow Giallo 75th paint
        The YouTuber was sweaty but satisfied
        Ryan 'Ninong Ry' Reyes has released another motovlog-this time, with less eating and more riding.The Vespa Club of the Philippines (VCOP) recently invited the content creator and his YouTube team to the first-ever Tikoy Ride, which was co-organized
        The one that really got away
        Motorcycle enthusiasts had a different kind of hugot from Moira dela Torre's "Paubaya" music video which dropped on Valentine's Day.While everyone else can't get over how Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia's performances felt too real, Vespa fans
        He recently got a Racing 60s unit
        Any Vespa riders reading this? Well, another Vespatito is joining your ranks, and this time you're probably familiar with him.Yes, that's Bong Nebrija. You probably know him for laying down the law on EDSA as the Metropolitan Manila Development
        He also received a special custom Funko Pop
        Before 2020 ended, content creator Ryan Reyes, a.k.a. Ninong Ry, lived up to his moniker by giving his production team Vespa scooters for Christmas.He explained in a vlog: "Maliit na regalo lang, para naman maramdaman nila na na-a-
        Ninong Ry shared the holiday spirit
        While everyone else's godparents were in hiding, YouTube personality Ryan Reyes a.k.a. Ninong Ry was busy with Christmas shopping.The chef-slash-content creator decided to surprise his small video production team, which consists of camera operator Ian and
        A three-cornered fight looms in the premium scooter category
        It's official. The much-awaited Royal Alloy scooters will soon be available after a local company was designated as the official distributor of this iconic European brand for the Philippine market.Exelerate Ventures managing directors Chito Santos and Brian Kitane said
        Perfect for your prenup photos
        Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio stopped manufacturing the classic Vespa PX150 scooter in 2017. Since then, the going price of secondhand PX150s skyrocketed around the world. What more if the PX150 in question is a brand new, inactivated unit? And if it is
        Who needs Botox when you have this scooter?
        First launched at the EICMA show in November 2019, the Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon edition has finally made it here to entice hip scooteristas.Willy Tee Ten, president and CEO of official Philippine distributor Moto Italia, led the unveiling of the Primavera
        Are you itching to ride down memory lane?
        Motorcycles have proven to be a 'pandemic-proof' commodity in the Philippines. Two-wheelers continue to enjoy brisk sales amid the health crisis that caused serious setbacks in many local industries.In fact, the demand for premium scooters has not subsided in
        Safety above all
        Some things can really be addicting. Take the case of the Vespa Club South (VSC), an exclusive group of riders who have developed an addiction not to any harmful vice, but to patriotism for our country.For the past six years, rain
        With matching accessories, too
        Vespa's always been a brand with a ton of style going for it, but these units in particular carry a little extra pizzazz. These were produced in partnership with Dior. Fancy indeed."Odyssey(s), style, dreams and Dolce Vita," the Vespa
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